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In whatever endeavour I undertake, I put in one hundred per cent of my heart and soul.

You can see my work with Aloha Toronto and Trip Jaunt below.

aloha toronto


Aloha Toronto was established in 2011, following a fortuitous surf trip to the Paskowitz Surf Camp in 2009, where I engaged in Surfers Healing, a programme for autistic children created by Izzy and Danielle Paskowitz in honour of their son Isaiah.

Aloha Toronto has served approximately one thousand families in the autistic community, with participation ranging in age from four to fifty-four. This annual free day camp, totally staffed by volunteers, delivers a great beach day for the entire family. It is a lovely and soothing experience for all, from stand-up paddle lessons (the main event) to beach play and sensory activities.

trip jaunt


My personal blog, Weekend Jaunt, which I began in December 2010, inspired Trip Jaunt. Using the following categories: eat, play, chill, and stay, I would keep track of all the places I visited for business and pleasure. I teamed up with OutMatch Associates in 2016 to share my trips with a wider audience. Today, Trip Jaunt is a resource for the xenophile with an insatiable desire to travel our globe responsibly while leaving a small imprint - taking only memories. 

We write about travel destinations we have visited. If a location is not listed, it is on our list, and we will get there! Our mission is to provide you with enough information and inspiration to plan your next adventure! 

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