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helen hatzis, creativing impact


I am a passionately curious person. People who know me will say that I lead my life with purpose, I am an uber connector and a great communicator, and I love to learn, meet and help people and animals. And, that I have a knack for being at the forefront of growing sectors (Ed Tech and AI are my latest focus) – this is due to my curiosity!


I do have a tremendous desire to assist others. I was awarded the Canadian Governor General Award in 2013 for my extensive commitment to the humanitarian and non-profit sectors. In 2017, Roots Canada named me one of Canada's Nicest People for Canada's 150th birthday celebration. Additionally, the city of Vaughan awarded me with a Citizen Award for my work with Youth Bocce and athletes of varying abilities. Our group qualified for the Special Olympics! I started Aloha Toronto in 2011, an annual day camp that enriches the lives of people with autism. This event resulted in the establishment of The Aloha Community Fund, which is administered by Autism Ontario and continues to give education and social support to families in my home province of Ontario. 


Additionally, I have spent several years working in the arts industry. I was a member of an award-winning music video production and directing team. I served as a judge for the Hip Hop and Dance category of the Juno Awards, supported Warner Music's dance and urban music division, and was a founding member of the DJ Stylus Awards, which recognises influential members of the North American hip-hop scene. 


In the publishing industry, I was crucial in transforming a monthly community magazine into a glossy, North American-distributed leisure and entertainment publication. Based on my blog Weekend Jaunt (now Trip Jaunt), I conceived, directed, and produced an award-winning travelogue web series that traversed Canada, the United States, and Israel. 


I continue to live my best life by dividing my time between my present endeavours, restoring my classic cafe racer, traveling abroad, learning to play the guitar, and, most importantly, supporting my extraordinary daughter Isabella to live her best life.

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Hatzis Name Meaning:

Greek: variant of Chatzis from the vocabulary word chatzis ‘pilgrim (to Jerusalem)’ from Arabic ḥajjī ‘hadji’

(i.e. ‘pilgrim to Mecca’). Having completed a pilgrimage to the Holy Land was a mark of high social distinction. Often this surname is an American shortened form of a surname with Hatzi- as a prefix to a patronymic naming the ancestor who performed the pilgrimage.

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